Through a digital platform or a tablet-based service module, we can accomplish the following:

Fault finding

Schematic diagrams simplification

Root cause analysis

Routine maintenance

Service intervals

China Eastern Airlines
Maintenance simulator

shows the steps needed to perform a pre-flight check to ensure a safe flight.
The solution allows the user to explore different parts of the plane and do the necessary maintenance checks.

A pre-check simulation of a Grater

In these simulation scenarios, the user does a walk-around of the machine as with a routine inspection. The user can click on the various parts of the machine where a screen indicates the checks that need to be performed on the specific parts.

VR Digital Twins

are replicas of real plants, sites, or buildings. In this sample, we have a real DMS plant on site. The user can select any of the areas on-site to explore and perform
maintenance tasks as needed.

Exploded View Segments

are utilised as a training tool for component assembly.
This is achieved by integrating pop-up menus containing crucial information on the machine and maintenance specific components.


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