Mining Weekly – Immersive mining training can improve learning engagement, retention, performance

Digital innovation consultancy and services provider The Boiler Room CEO Mark Hocker said a training solution the company had developed for a multinational mining original-equipment manufacturer has led to a 50% reduction in the time to train its artisans by showing trainees how to perform tasks correctly.

“This training can include safety aspects and enables learning through doing. Another significant advantage of VR is that a company can simulate the consequences of incorrect actions and reinforce the importance of following standard operating procedures.”

A fall-of-ground is one of the biggest dangers in underground mining, and The Boiler Room developed tactile gloves and vests that allow it to immerse trainees in a simulated situation and demonstrate the consequences of doing something wrong and, thereby, inculcate a healthy fear so that they do not make these mistakes underground, he pointed out.

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